When searching for a new home, buyers evaluate the desirability of the property based on a number of factors but one that is often overlooked is noise. Noise levels can be as important to residents as schools or walkability.

Check out www.howloud.com and Soundscore™. A Soundscore™ rating is a number between 50 (very loud) and 100 (very quiet) that tells you how loud a location is due to environmental noise. What other single number tells you more about what it is like to live somewhere? The rating is determined by three noise factors: vehicle traffic, air traffic and local sources (restaurants, schools, stores, etc.).

“The goal is very simple— to provide user friendly noise information in the same way you’d get a weather report or a restaurant review,” HowLoud founder Brendan Farrell said. “Whether there is a busy road nearby, or a loud supermarket that gets late night deliveries, or an airport we’ve put it together in a nice easy way so people can search it or see it embedded in a real estate listing.”